Cheerwine Facebook Forums

Cheerwine needed forums for their Facebook fan page. We built an entirely custom system that allows their school representatives, called Czars, apply for access. Admins can grant it and assign schools. Once assigned, a Czar can moderate and create new forum topics for their fans to respond to and share on Facebook. This Facebook App is totally integrated with facebook, pulling in various user information such as their avatar and usernames. It also automatically pulls in the bio and avatar of each Cheerwine Czar.

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ChoiceSpine App

Choicespine is a private IOS order creation app that can be used on the go without a data connection. Orders are sent in batch once a connection is available. The app also featured an adaptive layout so that it can be used on both iPhone and iPad, as well as a “by finger” signature widget.



Vowel Movement

Vowel Movement is an IOS game that I developed for a client. The game consists of layer out letter tiles into a crossword puzzle grid to achieve the most points possible. It is called vowel movement because vowels can reorganized on the board at anytime to get more points, unlike consonants, which cannot be moved once played. The game is no longer available on the App Store.

Bulls and Bees

Bulls and Bees is an IOS word guessing game that I built in 2011 for a client. You must enter words of a specific length, one at a time, using the clues received from previous guesses. A bull indicates a correct letter in the right position, and a bee indicates a correct letter in the wrong position. The game is no longer available for download on the App store.




HRLaws is a BLR owned Drupal site filled with HR compliance data. My main project on this site was modifications so that the site can previewed by prospective customers before registration, as well as indexed by search engines. Excerpts of most articles as well as category pages are all available before logging in. Previously only one page of content could be viewed prior to registration. I also integrated Apache SOLR for the site’s search capabilities.

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BLR Daily Advisors

The BLR Daily Advisors are WordPress blogs with fully customized layout pages, specialized content areas, and special report registration and download service. They also integrate with web services to automatically populate some pages.

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BLR Stores

Over the past several years, I have been tasked to deploy and maintain Magento commerce stores for BLR.  My responsibilities included server setup, template design, plugin creation and reporting.

Highlights of Magento customizations and plugins:

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